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In 2008 our best friend floated the idea of retirement in Thailand.  At the time this seemed like a great adventure and we started exploring Thailand with the many options to purchase land and build a dream retirement home.

We met with many people including a couple who had invested in a home on Koh Phangan. Their experience was full of positives and we decided to visit the land and chat to the developer. What made our choice easy was the fact that all new owners would be vetted to ensure a good mix of people to be part of a happy community. In addition no commercial or business undertakings would be allowed on the Estate. This gave us additional security knowing everyone would know your name and socializing could take place at the Clubhouse. Sharing a swimming pool maintained by the developer was an added benefit .

Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds and the water fountain is always a pleasure. After 12 years the island has seen much development, we are fortunate in being close to beaches, the town village, hospitals and many small traders who will attend to motor vehicles repairs at a fraction of the price normally charged. Would we do it all again if we could turn back the clock? …..yes!


"Our dream started off as an idea to find a holiday home in Thailand. After investigating many options we fell in love with the island and the concept of Four Springs. It has since become a well managed estate and our permanent home for the last 10 years. Here we feel safe and at peace."


"We've lived on Four Springs Estate for 11 years and have been extremely happy here. If you are looking for fantastic fibre optic, fast WiFi, excellent water pressure, first world electricity and the serenity that comes with living in a tropical jungle estate, then Four Springs Estate is the place for you."


"Four Springs has been our piece of heaven in paradise. It’s been so perfectly positioned close to Thongsala but still feeling like I’m in a magical place nestled under the coconut palms and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.It’s given me peace and tranquility. The estate is always so well kept and pristine. A dream space on a magical island that I can call home."


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